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Varley Red TopTM Racing Batteries for circuit and rally cars

The Varley Red Top Motorsport Battery Range from DMS technologies has been the PREMIER choice for the professional and club racing driver for some 60 years and the batteries have evolved over time to meet the changing demands of both motor racing or rally disciplines.

Light Aviation Association

The Editor of the LAA Magazine, Brian Hope,  paid us a visit following meetings with the technical folk at the LAA and BMAA to find out a bit about us and our batteries. Following his visit he wrote an article for his members that appeared in the August 2015 edition of the LAA Magazine - read the article here.

Successful testing of Li-5 in Formula Ford 1600

Clint Dempsey Racing asked to trial the Varley Lithium Li-5 in their FF1600 race car.  We thought that, given the lack of an alternator in these cars, the Li-5 might struggle.  How wrong we were.  CDR ran all day long, putting in some 100 laps of Donington Park, including a dozen or so starts, all without re-charging the battery.  Having achieved this level of performance it was decided that they would use the battery during their next race.  The car crossed the line in first position (only to be penalised later for some misdemeanour) but we're still claimimg that the Li-5 won its maiden race.


Goodwood Festival of Speed 2015

The Varley Lithium Li-16 powered March 2-4-0 of Taff Smith  was Class Winner in Post 1970 Formula 1 & Fastest Cosworth-powered F1 car in 47.05secs.

NEW : VarleyTM Lithium Battery Range 12V 16.1Ah, 5.5Ah & 2.4Ah                                             
Smaller - More Powerful - Lighter
Varley Lithium motorsport batery range

Following the introduction of the Li-16 we have now added a further two the Li-5 (5.5Ah) and Li-3 (2.4Ah) motorsport batteries.  These batteries fully conform to the UN Recommendations for the Transportation of Dangerous Goods - click here for the latest version.  The Li-5 has a similar cranking performance to the Varley Red Top 15, is smaller than the Varley Red Top 8 and weighs only 1.1kg.  The Li-3 is ideal for motorbike engines up to 600cc.  Click here to go to the Varley Lithium™ page for information about the Li-3, Li-5 & Li-16 racing batteries.

Take a look at our Li-5 video.

This latest Lithium Ferrous Phosphate (LFP)  LiFePO4 battery joins the Li-16 which is the same size as the Varley Red Top 15 but with the cranking performance of a Varley Red Top 30 - and weighs only 3.2kg.  We also offer two lithium chargers.  Click here for more details of the battery and chargers.

Take a look at our Li-16 video.


The 2014 season  again proved successful for Varley Red Top users in a wide range of motorsport racing series from single seaters, through Touring Cars and Saloons to GT racing and LMS.  Our batteries are used by many teams so it was hardly a surprise when last year at Melbourne Ted Kravitz came across a crate during his Ted's Notebook session after the race, check this short video clip.:   The BTCC continues to be strong and looks to going right to the wire at Brands Hatch in October. Easter saw a successful second running of the Thruxton Easter Revival featuring many historic series including Historic F2/F5000 and Super Tourers, and supported by Varley Red Top.  We are again supporting the British Hillclimb Championship won last year by Scott Moran.

To ensure you receive the best operating life and performance from your battery we supply a range of chargers, battery mounting brackets and engine start powerpacks specifically designed to meet the demands of all levels of motorsport.  Please read the Battery Care section in our Downloads section (click here).


Our Varley Red Top branded product range is supported by unparalleled technical and after-sales teams through our motorsport-specialist distributors and our specialist staff at DMS technologies.

In addition to working with manufacturers, teams and distributors, we are proud of our relationships with many of the UK’s University Formula Student teams, where we assist the students with help and advice concerning their battery installation.

Battery Legislation - for information concerning end-of-life and waste batteries and powerpacks click here



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